French Lavender Hardiness Zone

French Lavender Hardiness Zone. Common varieties of english lavender hardy to zone 8 are: 1 to 2 feet in height and spread (30 to 60 cm).

How Hardy Are Lavender Plants: Best Lavender Plants For Zone 5 Gardens
How Hardy Are Lavender Plants: Best Lavender Plants For Zone 5 Gardens from

This french lavender is not native to france but to drier spain, greece and north africa; Planting french lavender in pots. Refer to our guidelines for planting shrubs.

English Lavenders Is The Only Species That Is Cold Hardy And Will Tolerate Frost (Hardy To Usda Zone 5 ).

Types of french lavender (lavandula stoechas) like english lavender, french lavender has been cultivated into many different varieties. There are primarily french and english lavender varieties, with the english the most cold tolerant. Spanish lavender is hardy in zones 8 to 11.

To Grow A French Lavender Hedge, Plant One Stem Every 12 To 16 Inches (30 To 40 Cm).

Highly valued for commercial use, this midsummer repeat bloomer is a showy, strong garden performer ideal for a border or herb garden. It will bloom from mid spring to late summer, usually once in may, then in june, then in august or september. French lavenders will only survive winters with mild temperatures that only occasionally go lower as 10 °c (50 °f) at night.

The English Lavender Species ( Lavandula Angustifolia) Are The Most Hardy Of All Lavender Species, Able To Tolerate Winter Frosts, Snow, Wind And Deer And Rabbit Resistance.

It needs sunny, hot, dry. If you want a unique display of lavender blossoms in the garden for as long as possible, french lavender is the variety for you! If your soil is composed of clay, be sure to amend it with sand or gravel before planting this herb.

Refer To Our Guidelines For Planting Shrubs.

French lavender (lavandula dentata) is known for its lovely flowers and pleasant aroma. If planting spanish lavender in the fall, consider larger and more established plants. The soil should be slightly alkaline and be low to moderately fertile.

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The “ears” on top of the flower heads display a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The bushy lavandula dentata hails from the mediterranean coast and arabian peninsula. Avoid soil moisture at all costs.

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