French Lavender Honey

French Lavender Honey. Amber color with headily sweet yet herbaceous notes of summer in southern france. There are two main types of lavender honey:

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Collins dictionary recognizes only the form lavender as any of various perennial shrubs or herbaceous plants of the genus lavandula, esp l. Beautiful on a pork roast, drizzled over grilled peaches, or warm it a bit and serve over homemade vanilla ice cream, the. An estimated hundred bees can be at work simultaneously on each lavender plant.

Collins Dictionary Recognizes Only The Form Lavender As Any Of Various Perennial Shrubs Or Herbaceous Plants Of The Genus Lavandula, Esp L.

Perfume rating 3.90 out of 5 with 289 votes. The miel de lavande is extracted with extreme care and processed cold to maintain its unique flavor and nutritional value. Base notes are honey, musk and oak.

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Avandula angustifolia), not on french lavender (lavandula dentata). This leads to a major problem, use of pesticides on the crop. Piece of a honeycomb, with lavender honey.

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Made from bees that feed predominately on the wild lavender flowers native to provence, this pure and sumptuously flavored honey goes beautifully with both sweet and savory dishes… and is just as delicious eaten straight off a spoon! Sometimes called lavander honey, coming probably from its botanical name lavandula or from the french lavande. Lavender honey, naturally a bit thick from beeswax and pollen, is delicious warmed and drizzled over.

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Beautiful On A Pork Roast, Drizzled Over Grilled Peaches, Or Warm It A Bit And Serve Over Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, The.

The honeys are unique in their organoleptic qualities deriving from the specific provence flora, with flowers. Smells like waking up in a parisian villa with an amazing view of the eiffel tower. Natural and man made.bees that collect nectar from lavender plants can make a delectable honey that smells and even tastes like lavender flowers.

It Has A Fresh And Light Mild Floral Flavor, Fruity, And Without Bitterness.

French lavender flowers sprinkled with a hint of sweet honey and warm musk. Seeds germinate best when collected and started in the fall. A smooth honey of great finesse with a fruity taste that lingers on the palate….

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