French Lavender Pruning

French Lavender Pruning. It tends to have lower maintenance requirements than other types of lavender (especially with regards to pruning). Cut the top third of the flexible growth and aim for a mound shape to help resist weather damage.

How To Prune Lavender Plants
How To Prune Lavender Plants from

Hard prune your lavender over a few years. Pruning extends the life of the lavender and encourage more blooms and healthy foliage. It needs sunny, hot, dry conditions to flourish.

Lavender Benefits From Being Spaced Out From Each Other Because They.

The first step to pruning lavender correctly is knowing which variety you’ve got. Prune right after the first flowering and again in late august after the last flush has faded. Cut off about 2/3 of the plant’s height or to just above the bottom two sets of leaves on each stem.

Cut 1/3 Of The Foliage Away From The Plant.

Here are some tips for growing french lavender in pots. Of all the lavender species, the french lavender (lavandula stoechas) not only has the longest flowering period, but also begins to bloom at a very early stage. You can use your secateurs to cut each head off just below two side stems of leaves.

Completely Removing All Of The Leaves Is.

French lavender requires pruning once per year in early spring or late fall after flowering. Lavandula stoechas is commonly referred to as french lavender. If you don’t want your lavender bush to start looking tatty with dried off, brown heads, trim off the heads.

Hard Prune Your Lavender Over A Few Years.

Pruning and caring for french lavender layer the lavender to produce new, healthy bushes that are immediately vigorous ( l. Adequate drainage holes should be available on the bottom of the pot. In contrast, french and spanish types need more gentle handling.

Occasional Pruning Will Help Keep This Lavender Clean And Blooming.

It also requires the most pruning. You may need to give it a hand in the event of a heat wave but otherwise, rain water should suffice. English lavender (lavendula angustifolia and l.

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